Radeberger Zwickel

13 Feb 2021

While our Radeberger Pilsner is already very special, the brewery loves to provide unique and exclusive taste experiences. We call it Radeberger Pilsner Zwickelbier! This special brew goes through the exact same brewing process as our Pilsner. The only difference: it’s bottled right before filtration. The result: a perfectly crafted, hazy Zwickelbier with a milder, sweeter taste.

Why is it called Zwickelbier you ask? It’s a historical name based on the so called ‚Zwickel‘. The Zwickel is the literal tap handle on the brewing tanks which used to let our brewmasters take samples before bottling.

Since our Zwickelbier is something very special, it is only exclusively available in a few hand select accounts. To get an exclusive taste of Radeberger Zwickelbier, take part in our tapping courses and brewery tours, visit the Radeberger Brauerei Ausschank in Radeberg, or the Radeberger Spezialausschank in picturesque Dresden. Our Radeberger Zwickelbier also makes it across the Atlantic and is available in hand picked accounts in the USA.

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