Dresden 1900

Do you want to experience what Dresden was like around the year 1900? Then you’ll have to visit us at … well, restaurant DRESDEN 1900! Have a seat on one of the historic trolley car benches, take in the many exhibits, and sip an ice-cold Radeberger Pilsner with 11 of your closest friends in the beautifully restored ‘Helene’ – an authentic electric railcar from 1898!

Somewhere between a museum and a restaurant, DRESDEN 1900 will transport you to a different time. Once you’ve stepped through the historic ‚Schankhaus‘, you are welcomed into the rich history of Dresden by the restaurant’s conductors - yes, that’s what the waiters are called here. Not only will they take you on a journey through time, they will also make sure that your glass is never empty.

Authentic recipes from 1900 are paired with a freshly brewed Radeberger Pilsner. Centrally located in the historic old town, right at the Neumarkt at the Frauenkirche. We’re confident you won’t be able to leave the Biergarten and patio, with the best view of the beautifully restored Frauenkirche.

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